Do You Know the Signs of Burnout?

Working as an entrepreneur is exponentially harder than working as an employee. You’re responsible for daily decisions to grow your company, and you must take on roles you never had to before. All this means working more hours than ever, which can easily overwhelm you. Some people say working for yourself is the worst boss that you’ll ever have, mainly because you don’t want to see your business venture become a failure. It’s essential you learn the signs of burnout and how to maintain your emotional and physical health.

Burnout Signs

Burnout happens when you don’t keep your daily objectives balanced. Be aware of whether you complete the  task you’re working on before moving on to your next priority, or you allow your partners, mentors, employees, emails and phone calls to interrupt and leave your work unfinished. Consider the last time you took an entire day off and completed no work at all, which may have been weeks or months ago. Think about the simple mistakes you’ve been consistently making, such as forgetting tasks, which could increase due to fatigue. Be honest about whether your punctuality for staff meetings, family events and other commitments have been lessening due to work overload. Ask family and friends how they feel about your schedule and whether you need to cut back in a few areas. Evaluate your energy level and whether your internal drive is as high as usual. Know whether you’re in a constant overload of anxiety and stress, which can cause panic attacks. All these are symptoms of burnout that need addressing immediately.

Avoiding Burnout

You can rebalance your life through basic self-care. Delegate responsibilities to employees, and step in only when absolutely necessary. Decrease your work hours, which may include taking a weekly day off. Eat healthy foods throughout each day. Get plenty of sleep nightly. Look into relaxation techniques such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture, or meditation. Take a fitness class. Hang out with your family and friends. Enjoy a week-long vacation. Remind yourself running your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Long-term success depends on pacing yourself and respecting your limits. Acknowledging the need to recharge the batteries will help every aspect of your life in the long run. Your personal relationships develop better and your energy spent on the business becomes more productive.

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