How Can You Build a Talent Pool to Have More Candidates to Source?

With the high cost of recruiting, you need to streamline your efforts to maximize your results. One way to accomplish that goal is by creating a talent pool, or shortlist of candidates not currently being considered for a role. Members of the talent pool may include candidates you sourced, those that came from career events, unsuccessful applicants you would like to reengage, people from diversity initiatives, candidates from executive searches and more. Proactively building a talent pool means having access to qualified talent when you need it. Because you build relationships with talent pool members, they are more likely to apply for roles when they open up. Find out how to build a talent pool to have more candidates to source with a few simple steps.

Sourcing Talent Pool Members

Begin creating your talent pool by sourcing candidates and placing their information in one database, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS). You may find candidates through your career site, job boards, social media, inbound recruiting, career events, diversity initiatives, current and former employees, employee referrals or internships. Look for candidates who fit requirements for both current and future roles. Keep notes on whether you have spoken to them before, when you need to follow up, and whether they previously turned you down. You will always know the status of each candidate and where they are in your process.

Engaging and Managing Talent Pool Members

Reach out to schedule lunch, a video conference call or a meet and greet. You can further assess each candidate’s style, skills and cultural fit while maintaining interest in your brand and value proposition. Invite candidates to an industry meeting or conference or tour of your headquarters. Manage your relationships over time so you know whether a candidate changes jobs, moves, has new contact information or other pertinent information. Email your top 10 candidates monthly to share industry news, upcoming events or business-related articles.

Reaching Out About Open Positions

When a role opens up, reach out to qualified members of your talent pool to see if they may be interested. Start by focusing on reengaging previous applicants for similar work. Since they expressed interest in your company and were assessed for competency, you have already invested a significant amount of time in them. Refer to interview notes, feedback, and information about why the candidate was not hired to make sure they fit your needs before contacting them. They may have been your second choice for a role and have gained skills and experience since you last spoke. Then turn to other qualified candidates with the skills and experience needed to fill the role.

How Can USA Staffing Services Help You Find More Talent?

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