New Business Guide: How to Bring the Right Sales People to Your Team

Part of running a successful startup is having the right sales team in place. Follow these tips when hiring the best salespeople for your new business.

Write Clear Job Descriptions

When writing a job description for a sales person, include which skills you’re looking for, responsibilities the position entails, your company culture, and what the job seeker may gain by working for you. Include specifics on salary range so you save time by not interviewing candidates already earning more. Post your ad on LinkedIn and other relevant social media sites so you attract quality candidates and increase your talent pool. Proofread your job description before releasing it to ensure it’s free of errors. Because you want your staff to be detail-oriented, you must be as well.

Hire Skilled Listeners

The most successful salespeople are skilled listeners. They ask the right questions and listen carefully to the customer’s responses. Skilled listeners take notes, summarize their interpretation of what the customer is saying, and make suggestions based on the customer’s needs. They show building rapport and serving the customer is more important than earning a commission. A skilled listener’s top priority is patiently caring for the customer and solving their problem, even if many other customers have had the same issue and they’ve handled it multiple times before.

Hire Competitive Sales People

Competitive salespeople are persistent in overcoming obstacles and finding success. They remain positive while searching for answers and resolving issues. Competitive sales people set and achieve strong goals. They know what they want to accomplish and what steps are needed. Competitive sales people are passionate about their work and show pride in their company. Their enthusiasm encourages customers to trust your company and give you their business. Competitive sales people take responsibility for their actions and results rather than blaming others. They keep in touch with customers so customers continue doing business with you in the future and increase your bottom line.

Build Slowly

When starting a business, it’s important you build slowly so you have enough funds to keep up with operational costs. In the beginning, you should be able to sell on your own, since making the sales is more important than who’s doing the selling. When the time is right to hire another sales person, start by bringing aboard one candidate. Over time, you’ll be better able to gauge that person’s progress and determine what types of individuals would excel at selling your products/services. When you more clearly establish your needs for sales people, you can increase your staff accordingly.

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