Writing Better Job Descriptions: Salary CAN’T Be Underestimated

Salary is an important part of writing job descriptions. Letting candidates know what range of income to expect increases the likelihood of qualified candidates applying for the position. It also narrows down your candidate pool by weeding out the ones who may not stay with the company very long.

Salary Motivates Job Changes

Potentially earning more income encourages job seekers to apply for a role. With websites listing salary ranges, candidates know how much income to expect for a position in their industry. Because top candidates have choices as to which employer they work for, they want to avoid wasting their time in a position that does not provide enough compensation in line with their skills, experience level and interests. Further, because applicant tracking systems mean applications may take longer to fill out, not to mention interviews may take hours, candidates need to know they are not wasting their time.

Listing Salary Saves Time and Money

Because candidates self-select out if the salary is not aligned with their expectations, you have a stronger candidate pool to work with. Also, mentioning salary in a job description means you avoid having to answer unnecessary questions through additional email and phone calls. Being upfront about salary sets clear income expectations and increases employee retention. Additionally, informing candidates how their salary may increase throughout their career progression with the company increases the chances of hiring a candidate who is a good fit. Setting a clear salary range ensures you hire a candidate you can afford.

Salary Details Bring You Informed Candidates

Being transparent about salary and other expectations provides candidates with the information they need to make informed decisions. Working with informed candidates expediates the hiring process and promotes a transparent work environment. Candidates with the required skills and experience are more likely to apply if your salary range meets their expectations. Plus, you set the tone for a two-way working relationship.

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