Benefits Make a Difference in Making Your Placements

When finding the best placements for your clients, it’s important you have a strong pipeline of qualified candidates. To attract those candidates, you need something that sets you apart from other recruiters. Learn how providing an excellent benefits package may have an impact in finding quality placements.

Attract Top Talent  

When there’s a candidate shortage, offering excellent benefits helps you get the talent you want and need to fill open placements. The key is finding out which benefits are available and what your placements need and want the most so you know what to offer them.

Learn industry standards by talking with colleagues or workers from competing companies to determine which benefits those organizations offer. Ask what those employees like about their benefits and what else they would prefer. Use current salary ranges to figure out what related assignment rates and benefits are like for your market. You may also meet with a benefits consultant to answer your questions and put together a competitive package for your placements.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Make sure your benefits package promotes a work-life balance. Include a competitive number of paid vacation, personal and sick days along with holidays. Encourage your placements to take full advantage of their PTO so they come back recharged and ready to engage in their work. Also, provide a retirement plan so your placements know you care about their future.

Differentiate Your Company

By offering benefits beyond health insurance, PTO and a retirement plan, you separate yourself from other recruiters. For example, you may offer voluntary benefits such as dental, vision, long- or short-term disability or life insurance to protect placements’ well-being. Also, you might let placements have flextime and/or work remotely. These additional benefits are low- or no-cost to you but have a huge impact on finding your best placements.

Partner With USA Staffing  

When you partner with USA Staffing Services as your employer of record, we provide health insurance and a retirement plan for your placements. Our health insurance plans include a Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan or MEC Wellness/Preventative Plan. Our retirement plan is a 401(k).

Work With a Leader in Back Office Solutions for Contract Staffing

Providing benefits has a large impact on attracting top talent to fill your placement needs. For assistance with growing your recruiting business, reach out to the trained professionals at USA Staffing Services today!