Benefits of Contract Work: Schedule Flexibility

The Department of Labor (DOL) considers a flexible schedule to be one that allows workers the freedom to choose their start and/or end time beyond a traditional 40-hour, 9-to-5 work week. With the increasing desire to have a flexible schedule, many workers are seeking contract positions to increase their work-life balance. As a recruiter, you can capitalize on the need to fill clients’ contract work roles by pointing out to candidates the benefits of having greater control over one’s time.

Examples of Flexible Schedules

One option may be telecommuting, where a contractor works remotely. Another choice is flex-time, where the time a contractor arrives at work is not as important as working the number of hours agreed upon and finishing everything on schedule. A third choice may be compressed work weeks, where a contractor can work fewer than five days per week as long as the agreed-upon hours per week are met. Or, a contractor could work part-time, one to four days per week, depending on the required number of hours.

Ability to Meet Personal Needs

Having schedule flexibility allows contractors to conveniently meet their family needs, personal obligations, and life responsibilities. They can participate in parent-teacher conferences during the day, attend a fitness class, or be home to let in repair workers. Contractors can modify their work schedules to take care of sick family members or themselves rather than missing an entire day of work. Having increased work-life balance means greater life happiness.

Time and Money Savings

If contractors can work remotely, they save on commute time and transportation costs. Not having to work in an office means saving time on driving or taking public transportation, paying for fuel or transportation passes, dealing with the stress of a potentially long commute during rush hour, and going through the same process to get home.

Preferred Work Period

With a flexible schedule, a contractor can work when they feel their best and accomplish the most. Perhaps they enjoy getting up when it is still dark, working all morning, and finishing in the early afternoon. Or, a contractor may prefer to start mid-afternoon and work until late at night. Having control over one’s time reduces stress and decreases the odds of burnout.

Increased Productivity

Working a flexible schedule increases productivity. Having the autonomy to choose when to complete work builds trust between employers and workers and increases the desire to complete tasks on time. Working remotely means more time to devote to fulfilling other responsibilities. When contractors already have personal obligations fulfilled, they are better able to focus on their work and create more quality output.

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