Benefits of Contract Work: Health and Wellness

Many individuals are turning to remote contract work to focus on their health and wellness goals. Because such contractors can work from anywhere, they experience less stress, greater work-life balance, and overall life satisfaction as compared to other workers. As a recruiter finding candidates to fill your clients’ needs for contractors to work remotely, you want to be aware of specific ways that contract work improves health and wellness so you can promote opportunities accordingly.

Reduced Stress Level

Contractors who work remotely have reduced stress levels as compared to in-office workers. With increased control over their time, contractors are able to fit in work around their personal responsibilities to increase their work-life balance. By better managing their time and getting things done, contractors feel less stressed about fitting in their professional and personal demands each week. They are better able to relax during their downtime rather than focus on what still needs to be done. As a result, contractors are less likely to face burnout.

Less Negative Spillover

Spillover is a process by which attitudes and behaviors carry over from one role to another. When spillover between work and family life is negative, such as when a person spends more time at work than home and causes a work-family conflict, workers suffer. Remote contract workers decrease their odds of experiencing negative spillover by finishing their work on time while still fulfilling personal obligations and interests. Contractors can spend additional time with their significant other, drop off and pick up kids from school, and finish more tasks at home to increase their quality of life.

Increased Sleep

By saving time on commuting to and from work, they have additional time to take care of work and family obligations and turn in earlier at night. Since contractors typically have lower stress levels from working remotely, they often have an easier time falling and staying asleep. Most days when the alarm goes off, contractors wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start their day.

Fewer Sick Days

When contractors are ill, they can still work from home if they feel up to it. If a family member is ill, contractors can stay home and fit in their work while the sick person is resting. Also, remote contractors avoid catching or spreading germs that other workers may come into contact with at the office. Productivity remains when workers can still finish tasks at home rather than not completing anything at all.

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