Automation to Help Your Recruiting: Programmatic Job Advertising

Traditional job advertising for your recruiting business is tedious and often ineffective. Knowing which ad campaigns to place where and when is time-consuming. Finding the right platforms to reach qualified candidates, especially for hard-to-fill roles, may be more of a guessing game than a logical process. Fortunately, you can use programmatic job advertising to build your recruiting business. Here’s how.

What Programmatic Job Advertising Is

Programmatic job advertising uses technology rather than people to purchase, place, and optimize job ads. You plug into an automated system for purchasing ad space, enter demographic details about your ideal candidate and how many you want to reach, then let the software take over. The technology ensures your job ads are seen by the right candidates on the right websites at the right time.

How Programmatic Job Advertising Works

Programmatic job advertising involves big data analytics, job ad targeting, budget allocation and bidding, and campaign optimization. Big data provides insight into how, when and where to post a job for maximum results. The process increases your candidate quality while reducing your time to fill and cost of hire. Job ad targeting uses algorithms to tap into historical data based on job type, location, experience, skills and other attributes to create the best targeted ad campaign for each job. Your job ad is promoted on relevant websites that historically have performed well based on those attributes. Budget allocation and bidding use predictive data and algorithms to manage your spend and cost per click rates per job and per website across your open jobs to get the best return on investment. Campaign optimization lets you monitor and adjust your job advertising to receive optimal performance.

Benefits of Programmatic Job Advertising

You gain cost-effective access to a large, hypertargeted number of job seekers across all content and devices and spend less to generate quality candidates. You also reduce the number of jobs that have too many or too few applications, including positions that are hard to fill. Plus, your job ads are instantaneously and continuously optimized to maximize results and increase your ROI. With the time saved, you can focus more on developing relationships with top talent.

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