Automation to Help Your Recruiting: Interview Scheduling

Candidate interview scheduling is a vital step in your recruiting business. However, coordinating schedules to meet with candidates can be tedious and frustrating. The candidate may not have their calendar available or updated. Manual scheduling may result in delays due to not returning emails or having schedule changes. The process becomes even more challenging when you deal with a high volume of candidates. Fortunately, you can automate interview scheduling to increase efficiency in your recruiting process, freeing up time to focus on your core business. Here’s how.

Importance of Efficient Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling is one of the first experiences a candidate has with your recruiting business, there you need to make a great first impression so they continue along in the recruiting process. Too much rescheduling becomes frustrating to the candidate. They often feel disrespected when it takes too long to set up an interview. A candidate may fall out of your recruiting process or accept an offer elsewhere that prioritizes interviewing.

Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduling

Using interview-scheduling software provides multiple benefits. For instance, it eliminates back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls between candidates and you. The software goes through your online calendars and gathers your availability in real time. When a candidate is chosen for the screening process, you provide them with available time slots to schedule an interview by email or SMS message. Candidates can self-schedule and reschedule phone screens, on-site interviews and video interviews from any mobile device. The software automatically confirms the interview, syncs with your applicant tracking system (ATS) and sends reminder notifications to candidates and you by email or text. You can check your interview schedule in real time and set aside more time for sourcing and engaging with candidates. Such actions enhance the candidate experience, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce time to fill a role.

What to Look for in Interview Scheduling Software

Focus on finding interview scheduling software that fits your recruiting company’s needs. Consider the software’s connectivity with your calendar and integration into your ATS. If you have employees using the platform, you may be charged a fixed price up to a certain number of users or a specific price per user. Also, think about the complexity of your typical interviews. Your software needs to accommodate different interview formats such as one-on-ones and back-to-back interviews. Keep in mind the capability to set automatic reminders for candidates and you before an interview. You want to personalize reminders with the frequency, day and time of the week, and your information. You also may want to include a checklist, links, directions to your office, an assessment or candidate profile. Plus, keep in mind availability preferences to determine when you can conduct interviews and when you are unavailable.

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