Automation to Help Your Recruiting: CRM Communication

Like many recruiters, you likely have candidate information coming in from multiple sources. You also probably store candidate information in various places. This poses a problem when job orders come in and you cannot access the information you need. You know you have the perfect candidate; you just don’t know where their contact information is. Worse, they may have changed to a new industry or moved away, making you look uninformed when you finally contact them. To organize candidate information and keep it current, implement a candidate resource management (CRM) system.

Manage Talent Pools

A CRM system lets you create and manage talent pools. When you receive a job requirement to fill, you need to know whether you have qualified candidates in your applicant tracking system (ATS), LinkedIn mailbox, email or resumes filed away. You want a centralized location of candidates to see what you have available, what you need and whether existing candidates may be a good fit. You also need to let hiring managers know which types of candidates you have available for upcoming vacancies or role creations. Plus, you want to know that candidate information is current so you can locate someone. A CRM system stores your leads in one place so you can continue communicating with candidates and know where they are when the time comes to fill a position.

Communicate With Candidates

Whether sharing a company’s philanthropic efforts, job openings, or news in the community, candidates want meaningful work and an employer whose mission and values align with their own communicated to them. Within a CRM system, engagement methods are aggregated within the platform and candidate response rates scored, ranked, qualified and nurtured with intent to convert those leads into applications, interviews and hires.

Nurture Candidate Relationships

Because recruiting is about appealing to candidates’ needs and interests, engaging them with your firm and job opportunities over time is important. Taking time to nurture candidates helps them see the value you add to their job search and career development. This is especially important for passive candidates who enjoy their work and require motivation to change roles. A CRM system keeps track of information such as an upcoming bonus or vesting cliff for a retirement plan that may motivate candidates to stay where they want. When an opportunity opens up, candidates are more likely to be interested in pursuing it.

Free up Time to Focus on Candidates

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