Automation to Help Your Recruiting: Chatbots 

As a recruiter, you may be spending more than a day scheduling interviews and more than six months screening candidates over the phone. Tying up each workweek with lengthy tasks leaves little time for attracting and developing relationships with top talent. Fortunately, you can automate many of your administrative tasks by using chatbots and free up time to focus on your core business. Find out how chatbots can improve the efficiency of your recruiting process and help grow your business.

What a Recruitment Chatbot Is

A recruitment chatbot is a software application created to mimic human conversational abilities during the recruiting process. Similar to Alexa, Siri, Google Now and other virtual personal assistants, a recruitment chatbot uses natural language processing and other artificial intelligence (AI) technology to understand and respond to a person’s written or spoken messages. A chatbot may be used to communicate with candidates through email, SMS, social media profiles, messaging apps and specific software such as an automated tracking system (ATS).

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Chatbot

Because candidates want more communication during their job search, most are comfortable interacting with a chatbot. In the early stages of the application process, chatbots often handle interview scheduling and preparation. Also, a chatbot can collect resumes, contact information and other information from candidates; ask questions about their experience, knowledge and skills; and rank candidates on qualifications, engagement, recent activity and other metrics. A chatbot can answer questions about the role and application process, schedule an interview with a recruiter, and perform other administrative functions; then transfer the information to the ATS or send it to a recruiter to follow up. Plus, chatbots lower cost to hire and time to hire. By automating many qualifying and scheduling tasks while maintaining candidate engagement, the chatbot handles the majority of top-of-funnel recruiting activities, saving you both time and money.

Best Practices for Using a Recruitment Chatbot

Ensure the chatbot is visible on each page so visitors know which positions are available, can have their questions answered, and understand how to begin an application. Provide a simple way to avoid interacting with it or to restart a chat if needed. Plus, ask visitors for feedback on their experiences with the chatbot to further customize your chatbot and provide efficient service.

Free up Time by Outsourcing Your Back Office

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