As a Recruiter, Are You Sick of Dealing with ACA? One Easy Way to Solve That Problem

ACA reporting requires much time and effort. Wading through the complex and often-changing compliance requirements is challenging. As a recruiter, you don’t have time for handling ACA reporting on your own or for expensive fines and penalties that may result from noncompliance. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to leave ACA reporting to the experts at USA Staffing Services.

Outsource ACA

Outsource your ACA compliance to USA Staffing Services, a back-office provider that deals with human resources. Because of the complexity and time involved with reporting requirements, you need the specialized expertise of our professionals. You’ll also avoid handling private information from your employees when you outsource your ACA to us.

We Manage ACA Compliance  

Because ACA compliance is often changing, USA Staffing Services employs professionals who are trained to manage those changes. Our experts know how to track monthly data detailing each employee’s hours worked, their access to employer-provided healthcare, and each employee’s contribution to employer-provided healthcare. Our experts also file ACA reports with the IRS, including Forms 1094 and 1095 that show your compliance with the employer mandate and individual health coverage requirements. By staying compliant, you avoid expensive IRA fees and penalties and potential lawsuits.

We Manage Unemployment Claims

Since unemployment claims affect ACA reporting requirements, USA Staffing Services handles those claims as well. We fill out and transmit ACA Forms 1094 and 1095 to report the information required under section 6056, regarding offers of health coverage to full-time employees and family members, and under section 6055, regarding enrollment in health coverage by employees and family members for employers that sponsor self-insured health plans. The information provided on Forms 1094 and 1095 helps determine whether an employer is potentially liable for a payment under the employer-shared responsibility provisions of section 4980H, and the amount of payment, if any. Form 1095-C is used by the IRS and the employee to determine the eligibility of the employee and their family members for the premium tax credit under section 36B. For an employer subject to section 4980H and that sponsors a self-insured health plan, Form 1095-C is also used by the IRS and individuals to verify an employee’s and family member’s enrollment in minimum essential coverage under the self-insured health plan for purposes of the individual shared responsibility provisions of section 5000A.

We Manage Wage Garnishments

Although wage garnishments don’t affect ACA reporting, USA Staffing Services handles garnishments as well. We take out delinquent child support, alimony, unpaid taxes and other issues mandated by the court.

Work With a Top Back-Office Outsourcing Company

Leave all of your ACA reporting and compliance to us. Contact USA Staffing Services today to work with one of the top back office outsourcing companies!