4 Common Recruiting Challenges and How to Solve Them

4 Common Recruiting Challenges and How to Solve Them

People make organizations. Successful companies recruit people with the right skills, values, and ethics for their roles and corporate environment. Many use external staffing and recruiting operational support to meet their hiring needs, most often, at all levels of the workforce. Those that don't have a solid recruiting plan tend to fall behind. Generally, all companies grapple with the same recruiting challenges.

1. Attracting quality candidates

Specifically, employers face difficulties in wooing passive candidates. This segment of candidates tends to respond at a lower rate on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. And as they're not looking for a job out of necessity, they will need more convincing.

A clear outreach and follow-up plan is necessary to indicate to passive candidates how much you want them, without sounding pushy. It's essential to build a rapport with them and touch upon points that will motivate a job switch. While generous perks and benefits are attractive, assurances like work-life balance and flexible schedules will resonate more with experienced workers.

2. Hiring fast

Not filling open positions quickly affects operations and costs your business money. It is a common challenge cited by companies, and attributable to a drawn-out hiring process created to avoid making a bad hire. Addressing it is easier said than done.

It's worth examining your hiring process to determine whether all stages are necessary. Sure, you've put it together after careful deliberation, but will even a small change help boost hiring speed without creating a risk of bad hires?

Also, consider ways to boost hiring speed. For example, online assessments of candidates can help with initial screening and selection. You could have a team meeting on candidate feedback to make an informed decision, execute it, and move on. If you're unable to manage to hire in-house, consider staffing and recruiting operational support from USA Staffing Services.

3. Higher wage expectations

Job seekers are asking for more money. They're a lot pickier than before in choosing who to work for. Everyone is aware of how much companies are willing to pay. It puts companies with modest budgets at a disadvantage, but nothing a few creative incentives cannot solve.

Take a leaf out of Silicon Valley's perks playbook, which includes free refreshments, on-premise daycare, and fitness centers, subsidized transportation, and training opportunities. If you cannot afford an office gym, meditation, and yoga classes at work are good low-cost alternatives. And if you can't offer a corporate cafeteria, you can add a smart fridge to give staff access to fresh foods, snacks, and beverages.

4. Not enough time to hire

More applicable to fast-growing startups, the challenge of not having enough time to devote to the hiring process is easily overcome by using staffing and recruiting operational support from a third party. Outsourcing hiring tasks is effective and can shorten your hiring time. With a shorter recruitment cycle, you don't have to worry about candidates dropping off.

Your employees can help out by providing references and sharing your job posts on their social media accounts. Creating an employee referral program is beneficial in more ways than one. Jobs board Indeed found that 74% of employees sourced by referral programs are 'extremely qualified' for the role.

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