Outsourcing the Back Office Gives Recruiters More Time to Grow the Business

Outsourcing the Back Office Gives Recruiters More Time to Grow the Business

As a recruiter, you need time to develop relationships with clients and build your firm. Cultivating relationships with hiring managers is a key part of what keeps your business going. Gaining in-depth knowledge of each manager, organization, and role takes time. Working to understand a candidate’s background, skills, knowledge, experience, strengths, and other qualifications to match them with a potential employer takes additional time. Investing in these revenue-generating activities means less time for essential but non-income producing tasks. Since you lack time to handle core activities as well as back-office tasks, it’s in your best interest to let a qualified third party help out.

Learn about three ways outsourcing your back office frees up time to grow your recruiting firm.

Get to Know Hiring Managers’ Needs

Outsourcing your back office means you have more time to learn about what a hiring manager is looking for. Taking an active interest in how they like to operate is a great way to build rapport. Ask insightful questions about the team, company culture, and why the role is vital to the business. Because the manager might not know what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate, ask questions about their needs to develop a candidate profile. Knowing the skills, knowledge, qualifications, experience, and personal characteristics necessary to succeed in the position helps narrow your search for the right candidate. Use this information to come up with job requirements and related information so you can begin fulfilling your client’s request.

Make Recommendations

By outsourcing your back office to a third party, you can focus more on making recommendations for a client. Sharing informed opinions on candidates helps develop trust, appreciation, and respect. Mentioning how much a hiring manager will enjoy a candidate’s personality or how a candidate turned out not to be a great culture fit affects the quality of your placements. Evaluating candidates and sharing your insight helps move beyond their qualifications to whether a candidate would be a beneficial addition to the team. When possible, share with the hiring manager the criteria you used and notes you took to develop your recommendation. Your opinion often will factor into whether candidates get hired by your client.

Form a Partnership

Use the time you free up by outsourcing your back office to develop a strategic partnership with each client. Help them plan for now and into the future, so they continue to have worked efficiently completed and reach their goals. Keep on placing candidates that help deliver a product, increase sales, or fulfill other objectives. The more hiring managers trust and listen to you, the more your partnership grows. Over time, you gain additional business and client referrals, growing your recruiting firm.

Partner with Us for Your Back-Office Tasks

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