Outsourcing the Back Office Gives Recruiters More Time to Develop a Customer Base

Outsourcing the Back Office Gives Recruiters More Time to Develop a Customer Base

As a recruiter, you need a substantial amount of time each day to develop your customer base. Making initial contact with prospects may take days or weeks. Meeting with them to learn about their organization, pain points, and needs can take longer. Because you get paid when you successfully place a candidate, you need as much time as possible to meet with as many prospects as you can. However, you also have to fulfill other responsibilities that take up a significant amount of time. These include back-office tasks like payroll and accounts receivable. Although they are essential, these tasks don’t generate revenue. Rather than spending time handling them yourself, you’re better off letting a qualified third party handle your back office.

Here are three ways outsourcing your back-office tasks helps you develop your customer base.

Find Prospects

Outsourcing your back office means additional time to find potential customers. You already know your target customer base and have a list of prospects based on sector, job function, location, and other criteria. You have a clear offering for your target audience and a robust online presence on LinkedIn and other platforms. To engage with these prospects, use social media and the news to follow the companies and hiring managers. If an organization brings out a new product/service, or opens a new office, get in touch to see if you can help with their hiring needs. Dedicate time each day to contacting prospects with a compelling reason why they should use your services. Participate in local events that draw employers from your target customer base. Use LinkedIn to build your network of prospects. Include a personal note with each invitation to connect. Follow up afterward. Contact your network to ask for introductions to hiring managers in your industry. Request referrals from happy clients.

Develop Relationships with Potential Clients

When you outsource your back office, you gain time to develop relationships with prospects. Schedule time to make on-site visits. This sets you apart from other recruiters by showing you truly care about and value the prospect’s ways of doing things. You’re better able to understand their company culture, recruiting process, and what it takes for a candidate to succeed with the organization. This lets you send highly targeted candidate resumes to the potential customer.

Gain Repeat Business

Letting a third party handle your back office frees up time to develop ongoing business from your customer base. As you continue to follow up with customers before, during, and after the placement process and provide additional value, your customers learn to trust you with all of their hiring needs. Becoming their go-to recruiter builds brand loyalty and future business. As hiring managers share their experiences with others in their industry, you add to your list of potential customers.

Outsource Your Back Office

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