Hiring Is a Two-Way Street – How to Get a Candidate to Accept the Job Offer

Hiring Is a Two-Way Street – How to Get a Candidate to Accept the Job Offer

When a candidate considers whether to accept a job offer, they weigh the pros and cons. Pros may include increased compensation, flexibility, and responsibilities. Cons may include a longer commute, undesirable travel, or a greater number of work hours. For a candidate to accept a job offer, the advantages need to outweigh the disadvantages. Here are five ways to encourage a candidate to accept a job offer.

Focus on Benefits 

Along with salary, stress the benefits the candidate will receive if they accept your client’s job offer. They may include a retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, vacation days, bonuses, and health, dental, vision, life or other insurance. Benefits increase the overall compensation a candidate receives after accepting a job offer.

Play Up the Manger’s Qualities

Remind the candidate of what a great manager they’ll be working for. Since most employees leave bosses rather than companies, mention why team members enjoy interacting with their manager. Share how the manager helps teammates set professional goals, provides real-time constructive feedback, and encourages open communication and problem-solving.

Emphasize What Matters to the Candidate

Point out the parts of the job offer that the candidate finds most attractive. These details may include an additional week of vacation or the ability to work remotely twice a week. Focus on how well the position fits with the candidate’s goals. They may want room for promotions, leadership opportunities, a better title, or access to the latest technologies. Perhaps the candidate admired the company’s reputation or way leadership treats employees. They might like the exceptional culture or the company’s leadership in innovation.

Ask Why the Candidate Is Hesitating

If a candidate is holding back on accepting a job offer, find out why. If they give an honest answer, directly address the issue. Keep in mind their priorities while working out a compromise. If the candidate is not straightforward about their reasons for not committing, know that they might be entertaining other offers. Or, the candidate may be unsure about leaving their employer.

Create Urgency

Remind the candidate that even if they’re the first choice for the position, there are other qualified candidates as well. Set a time limit on hearing back about whether the candidate wants the position or decides to keep looking. Show that the role is important to other job seekers and soon will be filled.

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