Selling the Job – Share These Benefits, But Don’t Do This!

Selling the Job – Share These Benefits, But Don’t Do This!

As a recruiter, part of your job is selling a job to candidates. Your goal is to match the right person with the right role. To effectively accomplish this, you need to educate each candidate on relevant factors of a position and let them determine whether they’re the proper fit. Here are four ways to sell a role and one thing to avoid doing in the process.

Create a Strong Job Description

Write an action-oriented job description that excites a candidate and helps them visualize working for the employer. In addition to required skills, experience and job responsibilities, include a brief overview of what the company does, what the culture is like, what the growth trajectory is, which perks and benefits are being offered, and other items attractive to a job seeker. Mention room for growth, recognition, job security, autonomy, and other characteristics top candidates seek.

Demonstrate the Employment Experience

Show a candidate about the employment experience at your client’s business. For instance, set accurate expectations about company culture, job responsibilities, and a typical workday and workweek. Discuss how many hours the candidate is expected to work, what the pay and benefits are, and what the perks such as work-life balance and flexibility are.

Determine What Each Candidate Wants

During a phone or in-person interview, uncover each candidate’s hopes and expectations. Ask pointed, open-ended questions about why the candidate is thinking of leaving or already left their job, what they find to be most important in the workplace, and how they would describe their work style. Use what you uncover to appeal to the candidate more strategically. For instance, if the candidate is leaving their employer because they feel undervalued, point out the rewards and recognition structures your client has in place.

Set the Company Apart from the Competition

Demonstrate why employees want to work for the company more than other companies. If a candidate is considering working a competitor, find out why. If possible, offer a higher salary, additional benefits, the ability to work remotely, or other enticements to encourage the candidate to work for your client instead.

Avoid Overselling

Do not oversell a position or company. Not setting accurate expectations means the candidate will soon discover that what they were told before being hired is not the reality of the position. You need to properly assess each candidate to determine which will be most successful in the role. To accomplish this, you must provide correct information so the candidate can make an informed decision. Otherwise, they may leave soon after you bring them aboard. This overselling hurts both your client and your reputation.

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