How Does That Apply to This Job? Interview Questions to Get Real Answers

How Does That Apply to This Job? Interview Questions to Get Real Answers

Hiring an employee costs time and money. You could spend as much as three times the annual salary to find the right person. As a result, you need to find the most qualified candidate who can provide an immediate return on investment. Using a job description with clear qualifications and a behavioral interview process can help you recruit the right person. Here are three questions to ask to learn about a candidate’s experience and how it applies to the role they want.

The Job Description Says _______ Skills Are Required. Give Me an Example of When You Used This Skill and How It May Apply to the Position.

This question brings up specific skills and uncovers specifics about why they are needed for success in a role. You gain insight into how much the person thought about the position. For instance, the candidate may have decided they could quickly master the role. Or, they might need time to adapt to the position. Either way, the person’s answer should clarify what they believe the role involves and how their experience will help them be successful. You should get a greater understanding of their work ethic and style to determine whether they are right for the job. Determine whether the candidate understands company goals and links them to personal goals. Find out how they used the skills to approach a work situation and what type of outcome they experienced. Look for the value the person provided their previous employer and can provide for you as well.

You Stated on Your Resume That You [Describe an Accomplishment]. Tell Me About That. Include What Your Role in a Successful Outcome Was and How It Applies to This Role.

This question challenges the candidate to provide the how, why, and metrics involved with something on their resume that blends with a job requirement. If they share a story with significant details, including the complexity of the issue, solutions, and why they or their team decided on the solution they did, the person was engaged in the process. Being able to think critically, analyze, and make difficult decisions sets one candidate apart from the rest. Demonstrating persistence, communication skills, and collaboration show whether they are a team player.

Give Me an Example of a Time When You Had a Conflict with Your Boss. Explain How You Handled It.

This question uncovers how a candidate handles conflict at work. Look for a clear, concise description of the situation, what steps they took to resolve it, and whether the results were positive. Focus on whether the person places blame on their boss or takes responsibility for their actions. If the outcome was adverse, ask them what they could have done differently to improve the results.

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