Consistent Feedback Gains More Respect than Covering Up

Consistent Feedback Gains More Respect than Covering Up

Providing your employees with consistent feedback is important. They need to know exactly how their contributions are affecting the business, including what’s working and what isn’t, to improve performance. Knowing why something was changed helps employees understand why it was altered and how they can do better next time. Here are some other ways consistent feedback helps you gain respect from your team.

Improve Work Performance

Consistent feedback improves work performance. Letting an employee know why their work was altered or a project was changed shows you care about helping them do better. Setting up weekly or monthly check-ins lets you discuss their progress and the goals they want to accomplish. These actions contribute to increased engagement and productivity toward reaching business objectives.

Maintain Levels of Expectation

Consistent feedback helps to maintain levels of expectation. When an employee knows exactly what you’d like them to do and has the resources they need to reach a target, they’re more likely to attain the desired results. Keeping tasks and responsibilities consistent throughout a project and providing guidance to continue reaching milestones lets the employee focus on doing their best work.

Encourage Employee Growth

Consistent feedback encourages employee growth. Objective observation focused on specific issues shows that you care about your employee’s professional development. Referring to specifics such as who was involved, what happened, and what the results were, helped the employee to do better. They know you bring up issues with their best interest in mind.

Increase Desire for Learning

Consistent feedback increases the desire for learning. Providing employees regular updates on their performance and how the business is doing helps them feel valued. They understand how their contributions affect the company and strive to improve their results. Giving guidance helps employees develop desired behaviors to increase leadership skills, confidence in their abilities, and reasons to be promoted.

Promote Accomplishments

Consistent feedback promotes accomplishments. Motivating employees to continue desired behaviors and guiding improvement in other behaviors increases engagement. Setting clear guidelines and helping employees adhere to them strengthens job satisfaction and retention.

Strengthen Your Team

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