Three Words that Show Appreciation for Your Team

Three Words that Show Appreciation for Your Team

Encouraging your team members to remain engaged and productive while reaching targets is challenging. You want them to work hard and attain company objectives while enjoying what they do. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to keep your teammates motivated and working hard. Saying “please” and “thank you” throughout each day shows appreciation for your team and encourages them to keep working hard.

Appreciation Improves Performance

If you want a high-performing team, then express appreciation for their contributions. Personal recognition plays a key part in consistently delivering superior performance. Keep a stack of thank-you cards in your desk so you can write a quick note when your team goes above and beyond. Also, post an appreciative comment on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Appreciation Elevates Job Satisfaction

If you want a happier team, then focus on saying “please” and “thank you” as part of your culture. Polite requests and thankfulness for work well done promote greater job satisfaction and overall well-being. Create a gratitude board for your office to show specific reasons why you’re thankful for your teammates. Also, publicly thank team members during weekly department meetings.

Appreciation Is Contagious

If you want to promote appreciation among your team members, then encourage them to say “please” and “thank you” as well. Setting a proper example promotes desired behaviors. Because teammates feel valued and respected by such actions, they’re more inclined to act accordingly.

Appreciation Is Easily Shown

If you want to do more than say “please” and “thank you,” then find additional ways to express appreciation for your team. For instance, personalized gifts boost a teammate’s wellbeing and a sense of belonging. Celebrating a member’s birthday or work anniversary shows they’re important. Offering sympathy when a teammate is ill demonstrates concern. Providing lunch boosts engagement and productivity. Sending an annual email listing each teammate and one sentence about why you appreciate that individual shows why they’re special.

Express Appreciation for Your Team

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