How Does Communication Build Better Relationships with Your Employees?

How Does Communication Build Better Relationships with Your Employees?

Creating strong relationships with your team members is imperative. Some of the benefits include increased productivity, engagement, and retention. One way to build strong relationships is through open communication. Getting to know your employees, explaining what needs to be done and why, and helping to resolve issues create a cohesive team. Here are five ways in which communication builds better relationships with your employees.

Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture

Open communication builds a positive workplace culture. When you let your team know which projects they’ll be working on, they understand how their role fits with the organization and why their contributions matter. Keeping your teammates in the loop about new product/service developments encourages engagement and productivity. Treating all team members equally shows you value fairness rather than favoritism.

Build Trust

Open communication builds trust. When you share important information about how the company is performing with your entire team, not just certain members, they learn that you want them to be aware of major issues that affect both the business and them. Offering to help with a challenging project shows you support your team. Providing lunch during a hectic time, and eating with your teammates, demonstrates how taking breaks and eating well are important forms of self-care.

Cultivate Respect

Open communication fosters respect. Allowing team members to express concerns and complaints and helping to resolve them shows you care about your team’s wellbeing. Providing honest answers to questions, such as whether layoffs are going to happen, demonstrates your concern for them finding a new employer. Letting your team play a part in creating policy, setting business goals, and deciding which tools to use to complete their work makes them feel valued and important.

Enhance Personal Image

Open communication develops your personal image. Getting to know your employees reminds them that you’re a person like they are. Finding commonalities promotes bonding on a personal level. Talking with teammates face-to-face and one-on-one shows you care about them as people.

Promote Desired Behaviors

Open communication encourages desired behaviors. Encouraging your team to come to you with ideas and implementing them when possible shows you care about their part in innovation. Clarifying expectations and holding teammates accountable show what actions are needed to reach successful outcomes. Providing constructive feedback lets team members know what they’re doing well at, what they need to improve in, and actions they can take to get better.

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