Glassdoor Profiles – What Does Your Company’s Profile Look Like?

Glassdoor Profiles – What Does Your Company’s Profile Look Like?

Top candidates are choosy about where they work. Because they want to know as much as possible about a company before deciding whether to apply, many candidates turn to Glassdoor for online reviews. Gaining access to over 770,000 companies means no shortage of companies to explore. As a result, you need to know what your profile looks like. Here’s why your information matters, what to look for and how to improve your profile.

Why Does Your Profile Matter?

For instance, candidates want to gain insight into your company’s quality of work. If employees aren’t satisfied with the work they do, they probably will not last long. Many candidates look at the CEO Rating and Would Recommend to determine whether they may want to work there or should keep looking. Similarly, candidates use your Glassdoor profile to gauge employee tenure. If most reviews are from long-term employees, odds are workers enjoy what they do. However, if many reviews are from short-term employees explaining why they left, there are significant problems affecting retention. Plus, candidates use your Glassdoor profile to assess company values. Since people tend to be happier working for companies whose values align with their own, candidates want to see what you stand for before deciding whether to apply.

What Should You Look for on Your Profile?

Prominently feature the most recent version of your company logo to ensure authenticity of your brand. Display photos of employees, company events and offices so candidates can see themselves working for you. Give details on your company size, headquarters, industry, mission and other pertinent information. Verify the benefits you offer, such as health insurance, a retirement plan and vacation days. Share company milestones, news stories, product releases, community service and other information. Show you value transparency by completing Glassdoor’s OpenCompany program and adding the badge to your profile.

How Can You Improve Your Profile?

Part of improving your Glassdoor profile involves responding to employee reviews. Engaging with your current workforce as well as potential job candidates shows you value and encourage feedback. Because most candidates have an improved perception of a company after reading responses to reviews, be sure you answer all of them. Whether positive or negative, let the reviewer know you appreciate their taking time to leave feedback and suggestions. Restate the positive aspects of the review and how you agree with it. If you see recurring themes of constructive criticism, such as a lack of work-life balance, let employees know you hear their concerns and provide details of how you are working to improve it.

Looking for More Time to Focus on Your Business?

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