How Much Should You Brag About Your Success as a Recruiter? More Than You Think!

How Much Should You Brag About Your Success as a Recruiter? More Than You Think!

As a recruiter, tooting your own horn is a required part of filling your client and candidate pipelines. When hiring managers and candidates see the value you provide and how you can help them accomplish their objectives, they’re more likely to engage your services. Here are three ways you can brag about your success as a recruiter to increase business.

Differentiate Yourself

Because most recruiters appear to work similarly, it takes a significant amount of effort to convince potential clients and candidates why you’re best qualified to fill their needs. For instance, gather information from client reviews, feedback, conversation notes and social media comments to show the value you provide. Document your achievements in reaching goals, overcoming challenges and making major changes that benefitted your clients and candidates. Mention any recruiting awards and accolades you received from experts in the industry.

Provide Compelling Content

Showing relevant, industry-related content daily positions you as an expert in your field. Adding fresh content that provides followers with answers to questions and ways to solve problems increases your rankings in search engines. You’ll attract hiring managers and highly qualified candidates who spend more time looking at your social media networks and website, sharing your content and becoming comfortable with you. These actions encourage online conversations between you and prospective clients and candidates. As you increase engagement and trust, you build relationships that may add to your client and candidate pipelines. You also strengthen your brand as a recruiting leader.

Request Online Reviews

Ask clients and candidates to provide online reviews, testimonials and recommendations of their experiences with you. Glassdoor, Indeed and other business review sites let others know how easy you are to work with, what your recruiting process is like, how quickly you match qualified candidates with client vacancies and other pertinent information. Reviews help build your reputation and encourage clients and candidates to work with you. The more information readily available from firsthand experience, the more likely others are to engage with your services. As with other word-of-mouth advertising, the more detailed a review, the more responsive people are.

Spend More Time on Your Business

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