Four Tips to Actively Nurturing Talent Pool Relationships

Four Tips to Actively Nurturing Talent Pool Relationships

With the majority of working professionals open to new opportunities, you need to capture their interest with proactive recruiting strategies. To be effective, these strategies should involve engaging active and passive candidates, measuring their readiness, and converting them to active applicants through your recruiting firm. To facilitate the process, implement a candidate relationship management (CRM) system to ensure you always have a talent pool filled with engaged, enthusiastic candidates ahead of demand.

Candidate Relationship Management

A CRM system manages information and sends you reminders to improve your relationship with current and potential candidates. Along with staying in contact and reconsidering candidates who were previously passed over, your recruitment system becomes a relationship-building model that nurtures passive candidates over time. Candidates who receive regular check-ins are more likely to apply for another role, talk with other talented professionals about your services, and publicly endorse your recruiting firm. This process keeps your talent pool full for when new opportunities open up.

Candidate Relationship Management Touchpoints

Your CRM is needed for cultivating relationships that lead to a greater number of fast, high-quality placements. For instance, you can build, organize, sort and manage personalized talent pools to retain top candidates. Or, you may create targeted campaigns to gain interest and assess candidates’ readiness to convert. You might even share videos, employee testimonials or other impactful content to attract interest in working for a client company. Each touchpoint builds rapport, increases your talent pools and maintains passive candidates. You know each candidate’s level of interest and can categorize their skills, experience and education to make better data-based placement decisions.

Core Elements of Candidate Relationship Management  

An effective CRM system has four core elements: explore, engage, nurture, and hire. The explore element helps you discover and connect with active or passive candidates and sort through past and present candidates to find potential placements for future hires. The engage element involves organizing the candidates into talent pools for easier management of highly engaged but currently unavailable candidates. The nurture element is built-in functionality that reminds you when to check in with a candidate through an e-newsletter, birthday reminder, social activity alert or other method. The hire element involves having all candidate information gathered in one place to easily pull necessary data and quickly respond to a candidate’s needs.

Candidate Relationship Management Database

Your CRM database should contain at least basic information about each candidate. The core of the database is each candidate’s profile. Include social media data imports and a record of each contact made with the candidate to make future interaction even more effective. Tag by job requisition or title, or use broader categories such as engineer, coder or operations. Use schedule integration to keep track of emails, calls, appointments and notes.

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