Building a Talent Pool: Where Are Your Candidates Spending Time?

Building a Talent Pool: Where Are Your Candidates Spending Time?


Because job candidates are spread out across many platforms, it is challenging to determine which platforms they use to apply for your client companies’ roles. Rather than simply posting job openings and hoping to find applicants, you need to know where they spend the most time searching and applying for roles. By using website analytics, you can determine which sources bring you the most traffic, which platforms bring you the most applicants and other relevant information to optimize your recruiting firm’s online presence.

Use Relevant Keywords

Including the same words that candidates use during their job search helps increase responses. Use web analytics software, competitor research and free online tools to determine high-volume keywords for optimizing your job postings. Be sure to update your keywords if you have been using the same posting for a while.

Determine Top Traffic Sources

Use website analytics to determine where your top traffic sources are coming from. This helps determine which channels are most effective. For instance, Google Analytics provides data on common sources such as organic traffic from search engines, paid advertising, social media, job boards, email and direct traffic.

Uncover Which Devices Applicants Use

Because the majority of job seekers use mobile devices to apply, be sure you adequately invest in mobile recruiting sources. For instance, Google Analytics can break down traffic to specific pages and sections of your website by desktop, tablet and smartphone, including specifics like which types of smartphones applicants are using.

Track Conversion Rates

Analyzing each traffic source lets you set measurable goals for maximum conversion. Keep in mind the channel that brings the most traffic to your website may not be your most effective platform. Because your overall goal is to boost applicants, a channel may bring less traffic but more applicants, making it more valuable than other channels that bring in more traffic but fewer applicants. Using web analytics lets you state the action you want visitors to take to reach your goal of submitted applications. To track which platforms convert visitors to applicants at the highest rate, place a tracking pixel on your thank-you page or set your thank-you page URL as a goal in Google Analytics.

Picture the Candidate Journey

Because most applicants visit more than one source before deciding to submit an application, channels and conversion rates do not provide complete insight into the candidate journey. You gain a comprehensive view of channels that influenced an application by using Google Analytics and candidate surveys to gain a full report of channels that influenced an application.

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