Building a Talent Pool: Does Your Website Convert?

Building a Talent Pool: Does Your Website Convert?

The number of visitors to your website who become applicants determines how successful your site is at building your talent pool. With attention spans shrinking, job seekers quickly disengage if they do not find what they are looking for or cannot quickly apply for a role. Additionally, with low unemployment rates, there are fewer active job seekers, and passive candidates are less likely to apply for a position. If your website is not performing its duty and filling your talent pool as well as it could be, you need to find out why and how you can improve it.

Engage with Video

Video raises Google search rankings, which increases the odds of directing visitors to your site. It also increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site, which determine how invested they are in your recruiting firm and can boost conversions.

Provide Interactive Content

For instance, a job aptitude test may include job-related questions for candidates to screen themselves into or out of certain roles and help find openings that are the best fit. Or, a career trajectory simulator could let candidates select a starting career and choose available growth opportunities.

Make the Job Search Customizable

Let visitors search roles by department, job level, location, preferred experience and other relevant ways. Include search engine optimization (SEO) in each job description to find candidates who are a good fit with the role and company culture.

Focus Job Descriptions on Benefits

Instead of simply listing the skills and experience they must have, show how the role can fill what a candidate needs. Topping the list is professional development, understanding how a candidate fits with the big picture, building a bond with management based on mentorship and earning a competitive salary.

Simplify the Application Process

When unemployment is low, candidates want to jump through fewer hurdles to find a role. As a result, if your application takes more than 15 minutes to fill out or you ask more than 25 questions, you receive a lower response rate. You can ask for additional information after you find candidates of interest.

Study Website Analytics

By tracking and measuring performance, you can determine what is and is not working and make changes. Metrics may include site visitors, sites the visitors come from and what visitors find most interesting, informational or useful. Pay attention to the number of visitors who start the application, the number who do not finish and the point at which they abandon the application. These numbers provide great insight into improving your website optimization.

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