Benefits of Contract Work: Leveraging Technology

Benefits of Contract Work: Leveraging Technology

Part of the appeal of contract work is the potential to work remotely. With the growing number of employers hiring contractors, odds are your recruiting business includes clients seeking such workers. With the abundance of technology available to connect remote workers with their team, you should be aware of at least some tools used to increase communication and productivity with remote contract workers and their teams.

Meeting Schedulers

Teleconferencing is an ideal solution for face-to-face meetings with contractors working remotely. There are scheduling tools that can sync up the calendars of all participants to propose meeting times across multiple time zones. Such schedulers are available as parts of extended project management suites, dedicated software, and solutions powered by artificial intelligence such as Amy or Andrew from X.AI.

Communication Suites

Communication suites such as Slack help companies with multiple teams, tools, offices, and clients bring instant messaging, email, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and other communication channels to one interface. Because the whole workforce uses one suite, all information is stored with tags and identifiers that make it easily searchable. The communication suite serves as the knowledge hub that contractors connect to for answers about teams, processes, and tools.

Document Management Suites

With access to relevant documents in organized folders via a web interface like Google Drive, contractors can access the information they need with the click of a button. For teams working with internal partners, customers, and vendors, the central repositories save a significant amount of time each month. Because document management systems are cloud-based and intuitive, contractors do not need training to use them. Strong password protection, short-lived links, and limited rights to access or edit information ensure that only authorized individuals may access the information.

Project Management Tools

By using project management tools such as Basecamp or Teamwork, teams with contractors working remotely accomplish tasks in a timely manner and complete work before deadlines. The software includes task management and activity tracking tools. Built-in to-do lists, commenting, calendars, and chats help the team to communicate and stay on track. Gantt charts, reporting features, and other advanced tools help managers to measure progress and take action if deliverables go off track.

Employee Engagement Tools

To make up for the lack of face-to-face time with remote contract workers, employee engagement tools such as Glint may be used to measure workflows and continuous interactions. The tools gather well-timed, continuous feedback from contractors to measure how engaged they are in their work, team, and leaders. By providing continuous feedback, managers gain insight to ensure worker satisfaction and reduce attrition when there is no clear complaint raised by an individual.

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