Recruitment Trends to Prepare for in 2019: Virtual Reality

Recruitment Trends to Prepare for in 2019: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) provides the ability to replicate a place and situation that would be difficult or impossible to do in real life. Companies use the technology to demonstrate innovation, create skills-based tests, and improve the candidate experience. VR will continue to be a recruitment trend in 2019 because of its efficiency and effectiveness in hiring qualified candidates.

Stand Out at Career Events

German mobility and logistics company Deutsche Bahn uses VR at career fairs to attract fresh talent for train conductors, electricians and other hard-to-fill roles. The company began receiving up to 10 times as many job applications, many from higher-quality candidates, by implementing VR at job fairs. Candidates had a clearer understanding of the position requirements and challenges, which aided their success on the job. Also, cereal giant General Mills uses VR to offer candidates a tour of its headquarters. Delivered using an Oculus Rift headset, the technology catches candidates’ attention and draws large crowds, increasing the candidate pool. Hotel chain Marriott uses VR for experiential Facebook gaming to attract millennials during recruiting drives. Candidates get to run their own restaurant, including managing a budget and training employees, to see what is like working in a fast-paced Marriott kitchen.

Attract Top Talent

Companies promote the work environment and company culture so candidates can determine whether they would fit in and excel. Companies also create a more personalized experience while showing themselves as technological leaders in their industry. For instance, Walmart-owned online shopping platform uses VR to showcase its relaxed, collaborative culture through a “show, don’t tell” experience. Candidates can sit in on a meeting with the CEO, enjoy the company’s happy hour and band, and play games to experience visiting the office and getting a feel for the company’s workspace.

See Candidates in Action

Jaguar teamed up with the band the Gorillaz to create fun, skills-based recruiting games to fill over 1,000 electronics and software engineering roles. Having a female lead guitarist acting as the company’s ambassador encourages females to apply in the male-dominated industry. Candidates download the free app to learn about the nuances of electric vehicles and play engaging, demanding code-breaking puzzles. The games test candidates’ curiosity, persistence, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. Candidates who enjoy the games and Jaguar’s innovation continue through the traditional recruiting process, whereas those who are exceptional at the code-breaking games are fast-tracked. Also, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) uses VR to let candidates experience the types of projects employees handle and tests their ability to make good decisions. Candidates who do well continue through the recruiting process.

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