Writing Better Job Descriptions: Yes, Your Company Reviews Make an Impact

Writing Better Job Descriptions: Yes, Your Company Reviews Make an Impact

As ambassadors for your business, what employees write in company reviews impacts whether job candidates decide to apply at your company. As a result, you should monitor what is being said on company review websites and use that information in your job descriptions.

Candidates Search for Jobs Online

Because most candidates search for jobs online, you need to include information from company reviews. Once candidates find descriptions that interest them, they begin searching for more information about the company and what it is like to work there. What they uncover determines whether they apply for the role or continue look. Candidates are more interested in what current/former employees have to say than what the company has to say. Even if a candidate has a connection at the organization, they may still look at employee reviews to get a more diverse picture of what experiences others have had working there. After all, the contact may work in another department and not know what it is like working in the department the candidate is interested in.

Candidates Want to Learn About the Company

They want to determine whether they will fit with company culture and what your employer brand is like. They also want to know whether your compensation is fair, what types of benefits you offer, and what your company policies are. Additionally, candidates want to know how transparent your business is about sharing information about its inner workings.

Include Information From Company Review Websites

There are a variety of company review websites you can choose from to include information in your job descriptions. For instance, Glassdoor allows employees to rate their CEO and offer pros and cons of working for the company. Indeed asks employees to rank their employer on a five-star scale. Fairygodboss asks whether men and women are treated equally at the company, what the maternity/paternity leave policy is, and how strongly work-life balance is maintained. CareerBliss lets employees score company culture, colleagues, work setting and more and allows for open-ended commentary. Kununu lets employees rate job security, leadership support and other factors on a scale of 1-5.

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