Writing Better Job Descriptions: Benefits Are More Important Than You Think

Writing Better Job Descriptions: Benefits Are More Important Than You Think

The benefits your company offers often determine whether job candidates decide to work for you. Along with income, candidates want to know how much your benefits will increase their overall compensation. By including benefits in your job description, you will attract more candidates and find the one you are looking for.

Most Desirable Benefits 

Benefits job candidates desire most include health insurance, vacation time, opportunities for pay increases, performance incentives and a retirement plan. The importance of each benefit varies across circumstances. For example, according to a survey conducted by Monster, employees who earn less than $90,000 per year typically place greater emphasis on health insurance than any other benefit. In contrast, employees who earn over $90,000 per year place more emphasis on vacation time. Because unemployed job candidates place greater emphasis on health insurance, they are willing to work for less income. Conversely, employed job candidates tend to emphasize a pay raise more than other benefits. Additionally, entry-level candidates often prefer health insurance over a retirement plan or performance bonus; mid-career candidates typically are more interested in vacation time; and managers and executives are more focused on performance bonuses. Most candidates without children are more interested in pay increases, life insurance and disability insurance than other benefits. In contrast, candidates with children tend to be more focused on paid child care. These details can be leveraged during the recruiting process.

Emphasize the Value of Benefits

Discuss how much compensation health, dental, vision, life, accidental death, business travel, and/or disability insurance is worth, as well as vacation time, sick days, personal days and holiday pay. Share the percentage of your company’s retirement plan match and what that amount may add up to per year. Further, point out how profit sharing and/or stock options may increase overall compensation. Mention any reimbursement for tuition, commuting, parking, mobile phone or expenses. And share whether your company pays for a health club, dependent care, employee assistance programs or travel premiums.

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