Could Being Too Comfortable Hold Back Your Small Business?

Could Being Too Comfortable Hold Back Your Small Business?

Being comfortable is not ideal for your small business. When you remain complacent, your company does not grow. Lack of growth leads to stagnant revenue and potential loss of your competitive edge. You need to continue growing for your small business to succeed.

Do You Like Staying in Your Comfort Zone?

If you like staying in your comfort zone, your business will not prosper. Every day is different. You may be writing or designing one day, and fielding sales calls and interviewing job candidates the next. Plus, you need to stay current in the industry to maintain your competitive edge. If you do not adapt to change, you will not remain relevant in the market. Customers will stop buying from you, and your business will fold.

Do You Procrastinate?

If you procrastinate, things do not get done. You need to effectively manage your time to complete your most urgent and important tasks first. Whether providing a quote for a new client, returning a voicemail, or meeting a publication deadline for a press release, your work needs to get done on time. You also need to set aside time for tasks that are important but not urgent, such as returning routine emails or updating social media accounts. Be sure you delegate urgent but less important tasks, such as renewing your business license or ordering office supplies, and get rid of tasks that are neither urgent nor important.

Do Your Employees Lack Discipline?

If your employees lack discipline, your company will not expand. Managers need to exhibit discipline and expect team members to follow their lead. Otherwise, your employees come off as lazy, incompetent, or apathetic, and will not be respected. Also, a lack of discipline may result in a lack of feedback, potentially causing stress for employees who do not know whether they are meeting company expectations.

Have You Stopped Training Your Employees?

If you are not regularly training your employees, your company will remain stagnant. Employees need to continue adding to their skill set and remain current with the industry to come up with ideas to move your business forward. Employees cannot improve their performance unless given the tools and opportunities to develop. Plus, a lack of training promotes the attitude that “good enough” is acceptable.

Does Your Business Take Customers for Granted?

If your company takes customers for granted, customers will take their business elsewhere. Each customer is your most important one. Because they share bad experiences with others, losing one can mean losing many. Customers expect and deserve to be shown gratitude for choosing your products/services over your competitors’. They need to know they are valued and respected for exchanging money for your offerings. You need to go out of your way to make sure customers know you appreciate their loyalty.

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