During the Hiring Process, Are You Focusing on Skills? It’s the Reason Superstars Aren’t Accepting

During the Hiring Process, Are You Focusing on Skills? It’s the Reason Superstars Aren’t Accepting

Focusing on skills alone will not improve your hiring process. There are many other characteristics to consider when hiring superstars. Focusing on only one area will mean missing out on candidates who may have made an even bigger impact than the ones you hire.

Focus on Company Culture

Blending with company culture is more important than fulfilling all job qualifications. Shared mission, core values, and career progression are among candidates’ highest priorities. Show all three early in the hiring process to ensure there is alignment between the candidate and the company. Although skills can be taught, blending with culture cannot. Plus, candidates who blend with the culture are more likely to be engaged in their work, productive, and loyal to the company.

Focus on Talent

Top talent can learn any skills they may be lacking. Finding candidates with the right mindset is more important than finding candidates with the right experience. You will tighten your candidate pool if you solely focus on those meeting every criterion for a role. Rather, look for candidates who show intellectual diversity, enjoy collaborating, know how to adapt, and see things through. After all, personal traits such as getting things done and working well with others move the company forward more than skills alone do.

Focus on Training

Candidates can learn the necessary skills through on-the-job training. Targeted training will ensure new hires acquire the skill sets needed to take on more senior roles. You may even be able to cross-train employees to fill in when team members are absent. You can also use those opportunities to build career paths and increase employee retention.

Focus on Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to refer job candidates. Your employees already know your company culture, job requirements, and other information they can share with family, friends and colleagues. Also, candidates are more likely to want to work for companies their friends work for. Plus, when your top employees refer others, you know you are getting quality candidates.

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