What Do Candidates Look for to Find a Recruiter With Integrity?

What Do Candidates Look for to Find a Recruiter With Integrity?

Job candidates want to work with a recruiter who has integrity. Such a recruiter works for much more than just a commission. They focus on what is best for both the candidate and client company so that everyone wins.

What Is the Recruiter’s Reputation?

A recruiter with integrity has an admirable reputation. They easily provide strong references and receive top recommendations. A recruiter with integrity has a proven history of providing value to candidates and client companies.  They work quickly to resolve problems to everyone’s satisfaction. Candidates and companies happily share their experiences working with the recruiter and continue coming to them to find or fill a position. The recruiter has a strong brand that stands out among their competitors. They care about candidates’ and companies’ perception of them, and are always working to improve.

Is the Recruiter Genuine?

A recruiter with integrity is genuine. They truly care about helping candidates find the right role and helping companies fill open positions. A recruiter with integrity matches candidates’ skills and experience with client companies’ qualifications to maximize everyone’s time and get results. If a recruiter lacks options for candidates, they let them know upfront rather than giving false hope. If a position opens up, the recruiter quickly reaches out to the candidate to discuss details. When the recruiter makes a mistake, they admit and learn from it, then move forward.

What Is the Recruiter’s Submission-to-Acceptance Ratio?

A recruiter with integrity has an excellent submission-to-acceptance ratio. Because they understand exactly what needs and expectations their client companies have, the recruiter does not submit candidates who do not fill all of the criteria. They also do not claim to have the perfect candidate when they do not, or embellish a real candidate’s qualifications. The recruiter builds trust with hiring managers, cultivates real relationships, and sends client companies candidates who match role requirements. Because hiring managers receive the expected results in a reasonable timeframe, they give the recruiter repeat business and easily refer them to others.

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