Personal Improvement Month: Take Control of Your Career

Personal Improvement Month: Take Control of Your Career

Today is the day you take control of your career. When you know what you want and actively pursue getting there, your path is more engaging and fulfilling than if you keep things as they are. Taking action now sets the tone for the rest of your working life to ensure professional fulfillment.

Set Goals

Create short- and long-term career goals. Decide where you want to go and which steps you will take to get there. Create milestones to measure your success and stay on course. Remain realistic and flexible when implementing your plan. When things change, be sure you change with them. Ensure your manager knows about your plans so they can offer you additional responsibility and help you move up within the company.

Find a Mentor

Mentors have more experience than you and are on a similar path. Your mentor can guide you and provide the necessary exposure, experiences, and support needed to be successful. They also can provide honest feedback to improve your work performance.

Cultivate Relationships

Build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Create a solid network of referrals and leaders in your company and industry who can influence your career. You will gain more opportunities as you meet more people.

Add to Your Skill Set

Continue building your skill set. Understand what skills and experience you need to attain your career objectives. You can collaborate with your mentor and key stakeholders to make sure you are on the right path. You also can determine what training, exposure, or other assignments you need to develop your career.

Seek Growth Opportunities

Find opportunities to grow professionally. For instance, volunteer on the board of a nonprofit organization. Or, participate in a professional organization. Plus, take classes that will enhance your career growth. And, of course, be networking all the time.

Stand Out From the Competition

Show how you differ from everyone else. Prepare to move ahead at the rate you choose. Take the challenging assignments, move beyond your comfort zone, and perform beyond expectations. Participate in LinkedIn Groups, read blogs related to your field, and stay informed about industry news and trends. Become the leader people look to for expertise in your field.

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