Top Benefits of Accepting Split Recruitment

Top Benefits of Accepting Split Recruitment

As a recruiter, have you thought about the benefits of accepting split recruitment? You have the potential to increase your recruiting reach, place more candidates and improve your cash flow with little effort. Plus, you may be leaving money on the table by not accepting split recruitment.

Increase Your Recruiting Reach

You can open up to geographic locations anywhere in the United States or in the world. For instance, if you are a Milwaukee-based recruiter who receives business from a multinational corporation, you could place candidates in any state, but could place in Hong Kong, Sydney or Paris as well. You can also break into new industries. For instance, if you specialize in placing finance candidates and your client also needs a legal advisor, you can place a legal advisor and open up to that sector.

Place More Candidates

Even the most efficient niche-oriented recruiters have candidates they cannot place. Since you spent a substantial amount of time and money vetting those candidates, posting their profiles on a split-fee network increases your odds of placing them and earning revenue. This alternative is better than having the candidate get placed solely by another recruiter, costing you all of the resources you invested in getting to know them. Additionally, if your client has a request outside your niche, you can place the request on the split-fee network, potentially have it filled, and get paid. If you are bringing in more business than your team can handle and are unable to hire additional recruiters, you can post job orders on the split-fee network and increase your chances of having them filled and receiving income. This is a great way to scale your business without adding the expense of hiring or laying off additional recruiters as your needs change.

Improve Your Cash Flow

If you have challenges placing a candidate, another recruiter may be successful. Receiving part of the fee is better than no fee at all. This is especially beneficial when your candidate supply is different from demand or you have a hard time finding the right candidate to fill a client’s needs.

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