How Does a Split Recruiting Network Fill More Job Orders?

How Does a Split Recruiting Network Fill More Job Orders?

Do you have job orders with no candidates, or candidates with no job orders? Increase your efficiency and expand your recruiting search efforts with split recruiting. The Split Network leverages the USA Authorized Dealer Network and facilitates the sharing of permanent and contract job orders and candidates to increase your number of placements. Split the work and profit, so everyone wins!

How the Split Network Works

To understand how the split network works, think of Recruiter A as the Job Order Supplier who has a job order from their client and Recruiter B as the Candidate Supplier who has one or more qualified candidates for the job order. Recruiter A posts their job order on the USA Split Network Job Board. Recruiter B submits their candidate(s) to the job order on the USA Split Network Job Board.

How the Fee or Profit Is Split

The fee/profit is split when the job order supplier successfully places one or more candidates submitted by the candidate supplier and the invoice has been paid. USA retains a small fee and pays the recruiters their equal percentage split of the total fee/profit.

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Permanent Placement Splits

The most common type of split is permanent placement splits. The payment is referred to as a fee. The timing of the split payment is determined by the job order supplier’s agreement with their client. Permanent placement splits typically carry replacement guarantees or payment milestones that must be honored by both recruiters involved in the split.

Contract or Temporary Placement Splits

Recruiters may establish recurring revenue with contract/temporary placement splits. The recruiters split the weekly profit for the duration of the contract assignment. USA handles all of the back office logistics of the contract/temporary assignment as part of our back office solution for staffing professionals. We act as employer of record and handle all related tasks.

Comprehensive Support Team

Our comprehensive support team handles of all the back-office tasks involved in a split recruiting network, so you don’t have to. You receive a dedicated account manager, payroll processing specialist, and accounts receivable management and collections. You also receive human resources management, customer service, a complete legal team of advisors and more.

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