Employee Safety – What Can You Look for to Ensure Your Employees’ Safety at a New Workplace

Employee Safety – What Can You Look for to Ensure Your Employees’ Safety at a New Workplace

The National Safety Council declared June to be National Safety Month. The focus is on reducing causes of injury and death at work and other places. For this reason, we are focusing on knowing what to look for when evaluating the safety of your employees’ new workplace.

Safety Program

Does the workplace have a safety program in place? The program must describe what workers should do to prevent injuries and illnesses while on the job. The program should also reflect the way the company does business, hazards of the work, and how employee safety and health are managed. For instance, if the company is in a low-risk industry, the program may involve simply listening and responding to worker concerns. If the company is in a hazardous industry, there may be books full of written policies and procedures maintained by a full-time safety director. To be successful, the program must have managers committed to making it work, employees involved in the program, a method for identifying and controlling hazards, and compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Hazard Control

Are all hazards identified and controlled? To find out, review records of accidents, injuries and illnesses. Look over OSHA logs, first aid logs, workers’ compensation reports and complaints. Uncover common factors and trends in the kinds of injuries or illnesses, parts of the body involved, time of day, shift, location, equipment or department. Also, review reports from enforcement inspections, insurance surveys or consultations. Use checklists to locate dangerous conditions and watch how workers detect unsafe work practices. Conduct air and noise sampling where exposures exist. Prioritize the hazards by which are most likely to cause serious injury or illness, which can be fixed right away and which need long-term planning. Correct the hazards as quickly as possible.

Worker Training

Look for written records detailing general safety orientation for new workers, including company safety regulations and emergency procedures. Ask about specific training on the hazards of each job and how to safely complete the work. Plus, find out whether workers are retrained according to OSHA standards when changing jobs or returning from an extended absence, or as needed to ensure worker safety.

USA Staffing Services and Safety

USA Staffing Services takes safety very seriously. We share responsibility with our client companies when complying with OSHA standards and protecting our employees. One way we do that is by ensuring that OSHA’s training, hazard communication and recordkeeping requirements are fulfilled. We treat our employees as the valued assets they are. To learn more, contact USA Staffing Services today!



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