Artificial Intelligence – How Can It Help Your Small Business?

Artificial Intelligence – How Can It Help Your Small Business?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is infiltrating many aspects of the marketplace. To keep your small business competitive, you should be implementing AI in sales, marketing and other areas that offer the greatest reward. Here are five ways AI can increase your revenue.

Create an Intelligent Customer Relationship Management System

AI can create an intelligent customer relationship management system (CRM). You can collect customer information to provide your salespeople a more effective way of managing interactions with current and prospective customers. For instance, you can analyze customer feedback in recorded phone conversations, email, social media posts, and customer reviews. Then, you can automate and adjust marketing and lead generation activities accordingly. Salespeople gain a clearer understanding of customer inquiries to automatically route leads, personalize marketing campaigns, and more. Plus, you gain greater insight from your customer data, increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales teams, and better satisfy customers.

Help Your Marketing Team Create More Effective Ads

AI can help your marketing team create more effective ads. For instance, your team can provide a platform with a list of your best customers’ email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses to identify the right audience for a given ad. Or, the platform can use your data to pinpoint the target audience most attracted to your value proposition. You gain a clearer understanding of who your ideal customer is, in order to develop a product or service they love.

Coach Your Salesforce to Close More Business

AI can coach your salespeople to close more business. Tools can record and transcribe your sales reps’ calls, then compare the strategies used by your most successful reps to every other salesperson in your company. The platforms use machine learning to analyze variables such as word choice or the ratio of time spent talking compared to listening. The tools analyze performance and coach your sales reps to communicate more like your most successful reps and close more business.

Increase Employee Engagement 

AI can increase employee engagement. Since employees are your biggest asset, and a recent Gallup report shows almost 70 percent of employees are not engaged in their work, you need to inspire them so your business succeeds. AI provides internal chatbot solutions that offer employees 24/7 access to HR information and encourage even the quietest employees to ask questions or share feedback and concerns they might not, otherwise. If a chatbot cannot answer a question or resolve an issue, it routes the information to the appropriate staff member.

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