Do You Have a Plan to Recover After a Natural Disaster?

Do You Have a Plan to Recover After a Natural Disaster?

Does your small business have a written plan to recover after a disaster? If you experienced a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or wildfire, would your employees know how to respond? What about an electrical fire, gas explosion, terrorist attack, or other potentially devastating event? Because the majority of companies forced to close down for at least one week after a disaster go out of business within 12 months, you need everyone on board with how to efficiently and effectively respond, to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Key Elements of a Business Recovery Plan

If you have a business recovery plan, did you cover all of the key elements? For instance, your employees need to be trained on whom they need to notify about the disaster, and what steps to take to preserve life and limit property losses. A list of relevant phone numbers and addresses need to be included to contact key people, such as local and state emergency management agencies, major clients, contractors, suppliers, financial institutions, insurance agents, and insurance company claim representatives. Schedule regular drills so everyone can practice the procedures detailed in your plan. Also, determine a communications strategy to prevent losing customers. Put notices outside your area, place a notice in local newspapers, and contact your clients through phone, email, or postal mail. In addition, secure a safe deposit box to keep updated copies of important records and documents, along with a list of the critical business activities and resources needed to support them. Plus, secure another location where you can temporarily run your business.

IT Recovery Plan

Do you have a written IT recovery plan? You need to safeguard your company’s information, correspondence, clients and systems to continue operations. Your strategies should cover networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, data and connectivity. Without the proper hardware, software, data and connectivity, your business cannot function. For instance, secure a vendor that can act as a hot site for IT disaster recovery by hosting and managing data streams, data security services and applications. Also, have three copies of your data on three company computers, including two copies stored in different formats and one copy stored with a data storage firm or other off-site location. Also, use cloud computing to automatically save your data and access it from anywhere. Or, outsource your IT security to a company that can rapidly respond during an emergency. Plus, have your employees regularly test your data backup plan to ensure they can access the information from anywhere. Make sure your plan changes along with your employees and technological advances.

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