Which Tasks Can You Delegate? This Is How to Decide

Which Tasks Can You Delegate? This Is How to Decide

Figuring out which tasks to delegate can be challenging. However, you cannot carry out all of your responsibilities without help from your team. Therefore, you need a plan for determining which tasks you should be handing off to your staff so you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Assign tasks That Develop Your Team

Ensure each task aligns with the employee’s interests and experience level. For example, administrative tasks should be handed to recent hires. Higher-level projects should be given to senior employees. Be clear about your goals and objectives. Set guidelines and due dates, offer to help, then let your team go to work. When your staff are continually learning, they remain engaged in their work and loyal to your company. They are able to take on more responsibility and leadership roles to advance in your organization. You can focus on expanding your customer base and increasing revenue.

Delegate tasks That Do Not Move Your Business Forward

These include administrative or streamlined tasks and tasks you do not excel at. For example, your payroll, benefits administration and other HR tasks should be delegated. If you do not excel in or understand a specific task, delegate it rather than spending the time learning to master it. Although such tasks need completing, your skill set typically does not add value to them. You need time to focus on strategy, planning, sales and marketing.

Delegate tasks in Areas With Changing Regulations

Laws and regulations regarding employment, payroll and benefits are often evolving. You need to stay current on those changes so your company remains compliant. You avoid potential IRS penalties and legal fees when delegating the work to an expert.

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