Networking Outside the Industry Proves to Be Valuable

Networking Outside the Industry Proves to Be Valuable

As a professional, you typically spend much of your time at work. As a result, you probably spend most of each day with others in your field. Therefore, your network may consist mostly of your colleagues and others in your industry. However, networking outside your field is a great way to diversify your skill set, meet potential employers and develop your career.

Expand Your Perspectives

Networking outside your industry helps you expand your perspectives. You gain a substantial amount of knowledge by talking with people who are different from you. Creating a diverse network allows you access to various opinions, ideas, insights and advice. You can apply what you learn to see things from a different angle, help complete projects, overcome obstacles and make better decisions.

Form a Safe Environment

Networking outside your sector creates a safe environment. You can openly speak about challenging work situations or co-workers and learn how to best handle them. You obtain insight about working through career challenges and planning your professional path. You process issues with a diverse group of peers and become a stronger leader in your company.

Build Your Own Group of Mentors

Networking outside your field lets you build your own group of mentors. You have people you can turn to for guidance and support as you navigate your career path. Having a diverse group to help you through challenging times and assist with making difficult decisions makes you a more efficient and effective leader.

Create Strong References

Networking outside your industry helps you create strong references. They can provide insight into your character, work ethic and ability to cultivate professional relationships.

Widen Your Customer Base

Networking outside your sector widens your company’s customer base. Connecting with others in similar industries means you may find customers with similar needs you can fulfill. Because you may provide complimentary products/services, you could partner with another company for cross promotion to increase revenue for both businesses.

Create New Opportunities

Networking outside your field creates new opportunities. You may connect with someone who knows of an opening in their company for someone who matches your skill set and experience level. Or, you may be able to connect someone with a hiring manager in your company who is looking for someone with their qualifications to fill a role. Either way, you expand your group of connections and may be introduced to opportunities you would not have otherwise known about.

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