Delegating Correctly Makes Your Business More Efficient and Lowers Your Stress

Delegating Correctly Makes Your Business More Efficient and Lowers Your Stress

As a manager, you may be hesitant to delegate your work. However, since you probably have more responsibilities than you can handle on your own, it is in your best interest to let your team handle some of your tasks. They will learn new skills while remaining engaged in their work. You will lower your stress level while having your responsibilities fulfilled.

Barriers to Delegating

You may face multiple barriers when delegating. For example, you may feel you do not have enough time to train someone else to do your work. You might not trust anyone enough with a task, feel right asking someone else to complete your work, or be concerned nobody has the appropriate skills to complete the task. Perhaps you are concerned the person doing your work will find it too easy, hard or boring, or you may be concerned about having to redo the task. However, you need to help your teammates learn new skills and earn your trust so you lessen your workload and stress level. Although you need to invest time upfront, developing your team will free up time in the long run.

How to Properly Delegate

Begin delegating by analyzing how much time you have and what tasks you need to complete. Decide which tasks you need to fulfill yourself and which you can give to your team. Determine each team member’s skill level, desired skill development, current workload and distribution of delegated tasks to choose which member is assigned which task. Ensure each individual receives delegated tasks to keep them engaged, developing their skills and balancing a manageable workload. Discuss with each team member what needs to be accomplished and why. Create a checklist for your clear and concise objectives. Specify the various resources available to complete the task. Schedule deadlines, milestones and check-in times. Describe the methodology and procedures enough to get your teammate started while allowing for autonomy. Define levels of authority, decision making and monitoring/working independently so each team member knows where they should be. Ask each teammate to summarize their task to ensure they understand your objectives. Teach new skills and offer support as needed. Give and receive feedback throughout the process. Celebrate successes and learn from mistakes. Remain flexible in achieving desired results.

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