February Blues? 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Grow the Business

February Blues? 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Grow the Business

With shorter days and longer nights, remaining motivated to grow your business can be challenging. However, because you call the shots, you need to remain actively engaged in building your company. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to continue moving forward. Here are five ways to stay motivated to grow your business.

Maintain Short- and Long-Term Goals

Regularly set aside time to collaborate with your employees to generate new ideas for solving problems, improving your product/service and creating new opportunities. Determine what steps should be taken and when to implement your plan. Simplify your daily activities and automate workflows to improve productivity. Implement a customer relationship management (CRM) or project management solution to handle administrative tasks and free up time for other responsibilities. Implement new marketing tactics, such as a free or low-cost cloud-based application that optimizes for search engines, increases lead generation or helps launch new marketing campaigns.

Interact With Customers

Uncover their income, age, gender, location, occupation, hobbies, interests, shopping patterns, online habits and pain points. Use this information to target customers with the proper content, promotions and marketing channels. Find out how to better serve your customers through sending surveys, reading and listening to their feedback on social media and review sites, and conducting other market research. Keep customers informed about new products/services or an upcoming promotion through blog posts, email, newsletters, social media and push notifications. Provide excellent customer service by responding to questions and concerns in a timely manner through email, social media, online forums and review sites.

Schedule Time Away From the Office

Go to a place where you can relax or pursue personal interests. You might read a book for pleasure, take a class not related to your industry, achieve something on your bucket list or go on vacation. You will be more focused and creative when you take time off for fun and come back rested and refreshed.


Donate your time to help a local nonprofit organization you care about. Whether you sit on the board of directors or simply help out one day per month, you will meet new people, gain valuable skills and be able to implement your ideas to help the organization expand. You will also gain visibility for your company, which may lead to new professional connections and opportunities.

Look Back at Your Success

Examine what factors helped you attain your level of success. Use your analysis to make plans for your future. Think about why you started your business and whether your purpose needs to be altered to remain engaging. Having a strong “why” will help you through the challenging times. Remember the advantages of working for yourself: being your own boss, setting your own schedule, hiring your employees, creating your strategy, making changes, building equity and more.

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