Writing a Book Brings Your Business More Leads

Writing a book provides many benefits for your business. Your book will act as a marketing piece that differentiates you from your competitors, shortens the buying cycle and builds your company’s reputation. Here are five ways writing a book brings your business more leads.

Fills a Need

Writing a book targeted to your prospects and customers helps fill a need. Basing your information on specific demographics shows how your product/service is relevant to your target audience’s needs, interests and lifestyles. To be most effective, your book should solve a problem that your target audience deeply cares about and wants resolved. Showing how you fill a need creates engagement and forms a base for customer loyalty.

Provides Value

Writing a book helps you provide value to the marketplace. When your target audience learns more about your business model and read testimonials about how you fill customers’ needs, your audience will be more inclined to try your product/service and become loyal customers.

Demonstrates Your Expertise

Writing a book shows you are an expert in your industry. For example, when you include profiles and testimonials from customers whose problems you solved, you gain credibility as a go-to person in your field. Also, because prospects are more inclined to believe what customers say about your company than what you say, it’s important you use authentic testimonials as evidence of your ability to serve new customers. In addition, when a media outlet wants to write about a business or gain insight into your industry, having a book helps you stand out among your competitors and draws the media to you for interviews. Business opportunities should begin opening up all over.

Develops Your Brand

Writing a book can help develop your brand. You can decide what information is included and what tone you want to set, then provide links to your website to learn more. When your target audience understands what your core values and beliefs are and how to provide value, your audience will be more receptive to conducting business with you. Also, when your target audience recognizes your company logo, they’ll be more inclined to trust the quality of your product or service.

Promotes Networking

Writing a book serves as a networking tool. By publishing information about your business, you reach a seemingly infinite number of prospects who want to learn more about what problem you solve and how you do it better than your competition. You begin forming relationships that open up your company to new customers and business opportunities.

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