A Fresh Set of Eyes Helps Your Startup Grow Faster

When starting a company, you do all you can to help your business grow. Although you may eventually have your key workers in place, it always helps to have a neutral party look over your data to uncover issues you may not have considered. Here are eight ways completing an external audit can help your startup grow faster.

Remain Compliant

Completing an external audit will show whether your bookkeeping or accounting practices are compliant with the IRS. If areas of your business need work, you can identify and improve them.

Demonstrate Credibility

Your company establishes credibility when an external auditor examines your financial statements. Stakeholders can trust your company’s financial health is as stated and your accounting practices are unbiased.

Prevent Fraud

Because an external auditor lacks personal relationships with you and your employees, the auditor can perform an impartial inspection that can protect your company from a substantial loss.

Measure Results

Showing concrete outcomes builds trust and confidence in your company. Measurable results show where your business excels and where it needs work. You can use your data to determine which analytics tools are important, whether they’re correctly implemented, whether the metrics reflect on the growth and what can be done better.

Improve Processes

You may be able to improve internal controls or automate processes to become more streamlined. Knowing specific areas in which you can decrease inefficiency and waste helps save time and money while efficiently addressing problems.

Determine Areas to Outsource

An external audit can help determine which areas of your business to outsource. Having professionals in place to complete your back-office tasks frees up time for you to continue growing your revenue streams.

Understand Your Big Picture

You’ll have the data and context necessary to help create a strategic plan to move your business forward. Ensure you involve your leadership, product team, marketing team, support team, customers and other key groups when planning company growth.

Determine When to Grow

Once you’ve achieved your product and market fit, you may want to expand your share of the market to increase your customer base. You’ll be able to use your data to determine where your business is going, what metrics you should follow, which tools you need and what steps you can take to expand.

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