In Recruiting, How Can You Battle the Counter Offer?

As a recruiter, when your best candidates try leaving their current position, they may be given a counter offer. Although the promise of more money may be enticing, remaining with the same company is typically not in your candidates’ best interest. Therefore, it’s up to you to coach your candidates on why they need to move to a new opportunity. Here are some ways you can help your recruiting candidates battle a counter offer.

Statistics Show Counter Offers Are Typically Ineffective

Statistics show the majority of employees who accept counter offers don’t remain with the company long. In fact, 80 percent of those employees won’t be with the same company in six months, and 93 percent will have changed companies within 18 months. Also, 80 percent of employees who accept counter offers report their relationships with co-workers become strained and result in lower productivity.

Counter Offers Do Not Resolve Issues

Counter offers are typically viewed as a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Although your candidate may feel valued by being offered more income for staying, the reasons they wanted to leave in the first place typically remain unresolved. Your candidate won’t be able to develop their career, and they’ll most likely want to leave the company again down the road. Also, because accepting a counter offer causes resentment and lowers employee morale, your candidate will be causing additional problems that contribute to their unhappy work environment. In addition, accepting a counter offer lets the manager know your candidate wanted to leave, which calls into question their commitment to the company.

Your Employer May Replace You

If a candidate accepts a counter offer, their employer may replace them. If that happens, your candidate will be left in a worse position than before. Because they tried to leave, their employer’s trust was broken, and they’re labeled as a problem employee. As a result, if your candidate wants a raise down the road, their employer may say they already received one with their counter offer. Also, if opportunities for promotions open up, your candidate will most likely be overlooked. In addition, if the company starts making cutbacks, they’ll most likely start with your candidate because they already tried to leave. Furthermore, once your candidate turns down the other job offer, they can’t get it back.

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