Recruiters Who Show Empathy Place More Candidates

As a recruiter, it’s important you show empathy with your candidates. Getting to personally know each one will help you successfully fill your clients’ needs and create winning situations for everyone. Here are some ways showing empathy in recruiting helps you place more candidates.

Get to Know Each Candidate Better

When you put yourself in a candidate’s position and uncover the reasons behind their career choices, you may find they can provide more benefits to clients than you first expected. For example, if a candidate appears to have been successful in previous roles, but states during a phone interview they quit their last job due to increasing competition, they may shy away from competition and not be the right fit. However, after further discussion about the issue, you may find out the real problem is the candidate was exceeding expectations but wasn’t being compensated for their work, which is why they are seeking a better opportunity. By getting to know the candidate, you’re better able to secure an interview and coach them through a client’s hiring process.

Place for Soft Skills

In addition to education, hard skills and experience, being empathetic helps you place candidates with the soft skills necessary for a position. Through talking with each candidate, you can better determine whether they’re more likely to find success in a particular role due to their soft skills, which cannot be known from reading a resume. Soft skills are especially important in positions with customer contact, such as sales or customer service. Candidates need to understand another person’s perspective to meet their needs and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Because a company’s reputation is built on serving customers’ needs, placing candidates with soft skills is essential for success.

Empathetically Provide Feedback

Candidates are likely to face rejection during their job search and can benefit from interviewers’ input. Respectfully and honestly providing constructive feedback can help candidates improve their performance in future interviews. You can also coach candidates once you set up interviews so they increase their chances of being hired.

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