Affordable Ways to Help Your Sales Team Grow

Having a top sales team is one key to business success. However, your company may not be able to budget a lot for training. Therefore, you need low-cost yet effective sources for training your salespeople. Here are a few affordable ways you may help your sales team grow.

Use Online Resources

Online training is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective method of educating your salespeople. Ongoing online training helps salespeople brush up on their skills and improve their performance. As a result, salespeople perform their work more effectively, increase their job satisfaction and remain with your organization longer. Training also helps salespeople stay updated on your company’s products, services and procedures so your salespeople can provide the most accurate information while creating value during the purchasing process. In addition, ongoing training helps uncover strengths and weaknesses in each salesperson so they benefit from additional, targeted training.

Watch Videos or Conferences Together    

Online sales conferences cover broad subject matter through sessions, interviews, panel discussions and social media events; then dig deeper with individual workshops and programs. Online conferences typically cost the same as or less than in-person conferences and may be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Salespeople may participate in all sessions rather than having to choose among options. Also, companies save money by not having to cover travel, hotel accommodations and food expenses. In addition, salespeople save time by viewing the conference in a convenient location, such as the office.

Partner a New Hire With an Experienced Salesperson

The new hire receives hands-on training for best practices, as well as constructive feedback, so they can continue improving their performance. The experienced salesperson enhances their leadership skills and provides feedback for helping the new hire get promoted.

Make Training Effective  

Break up training into short bursts so your salespeople retain the information longer. Include fundamental skills training, such as questioning or presenting, in every sales team meeting. Educate your salespeople on how those skills help them move a lead through the sales cycle. Include role playing in each training session so your salespeople practice what they learn. Track the impact of your training to ensure it’s retained and applied for improved performance. Provide additional group or individual training as needed.

Work With a Leader in Back Office Solutions

These are a few affordable methods of helping your sales team grow. For more assistance with expanding your company, get in touch with the back office solution experts at USA Staffing Services!


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