Which Customer Should You Target with Your New Business?

Gaining influencers for your company provides a massive advantage for your inbound marketing. Influencers promote your products/services through social media, blogs, your website and in everyday conversations. Learn why this is important and how you can gain influencers for your brand.

What an Influencer Is

An influencer is an existing customer who heavily consumes your products/services and strongly attracts more buyers to your company. An influencer is a member of your target audience, has a massive following on social media and effectively convinces others to take action without forcing them to do so. The stronger the influencer, the greater the amount of traffic driven to your website and the larger your conversion rates from passive lookers to active consumers. This increases your product/service consumption, increases your level of customer loyalty and improves your bottom line.

Influencers and Social Media

Influencers are extremely active on social media and enjoy sharing their experiences with your company. Followers read about those experiences and decide to visit your company’s website to learn more about your products/services. Because influencers typically purchase larger quantities of your more expensive offerings, others tend to follow suit. Those new customers start consuming your products/services regularly and begin sharing their experiences with their own networks. As a result, influencers bring their own connections and their networks’ connections to you, increasing your customer base.

Influencers and Customer Loyalty  

Because consumers are constantly bombarded with sales messages from media and billboards, consumers trust referrals, especially from influencers, more than any other form of advertising. Consumers want to conduct their own research on companies and learn about other people’s experiences before doing business with a company. When influencers are promoting your products/services, their networks tend to follow their lead and become satisfied customers as well. As a result, your new customers often turn into loyal consumers who begin promoting your brand as well.

Influencers are one of the most effective ways you can promote your business, increase customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. For more help with expanding your company, get in touch with the seasoned experts at USA Staffing Services today!


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