Boring Job Descriptions Lead to Boring Job Candidates

You need to get inside the minds of potential candidates when writing your next job description. Learn how to focus on what matters most to them by following these simple guidelines.

Get Insights From Recent Hires

Ask new staff members what they like most about your company and what convinced them to work with you. Find out what they enjoy most about their current role and what they’d say to their friends when encouraging them to join your team. Determine what your new staff members believe makes your company special and whether the job has lived up to the image painted in the original posting. Use those answers for maximum effect when creating your next job description.

Provide Specifics

Clearly show the advantages of working for your company. Use a friendly tone when giving details about the role, especially how it sets your company apart from any other. Include the problems candidates will be solving, what tools they’ll use, and what their opportunities are for professional growth. Sharing details about your business helps candidates start to know and connect with your company, encouraging them to work with you.

Explain Company Culture

Top performers want to know whether your company shares their values and goals. They want to understand your products or services and what you stand for to determine whether they’d be a good fit for your organization. Focus your post on their interests so they’ll want to work with you.

Add Character

When writing a job posting, pretend you’re the candidate reading it. You won’t finish reading or apply to a vague posting lacking personality. However, you don’t want your company presented as simply having fun all the time either. Find a balance between describing work responsibilities and company culture that shows your business as a people-centered workplace serving others in a team-oriented manner.

Encourage Digital Sharing

Encourage your staff to share your job postings on social media. Since people tend to associate with others similar to themselves, you’ll find more top-quality new hires through your staff members’ networks.

Keep these guidelines in mind when writing your next job description. For additional assistance finding top talent for your company’s roles, contact the business process outsourcing experts at USA Staffing Services today!



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